How Popular is Etherlands Minecraft Survival Servers ?

How Popular is Etherlands Minecraft Survival Servers ?

The Minecraft Survival Servers, in which you must gather materials, manufacture weapons and equipment, construct shelters, and endure monsters, is an old school method of playing Minecraft Survival Servers that enthusiasts still like. “Survival Servers are a sort of Minecraft Survival Servers that tens of thousands of people play on every day. Because Survival servers don’t have stores, you’ll have to fend for yourself in the wild with only tools you’ve made yourself. Each survival server has its own unique set of features, which range in complexity.

Minecraft Survival Servers must be installed on your PC. After that, open Minecraft and go to Servers > Add Server. After that, select a Minecraft Survival Servers from our website, click Add Server, and then enter in the server IP address. After that, have fun playing Minecraft on your server. If you don’t like the server you discovered, you may utilize our site, Best Minecraft Servers, to choose another one. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site, try searching for Minecraft Servers on Google and selecting a different server list! Please contact our help team using the contact us button if you have any issues regarding Minecraft Survival Servers.

Etherlands is a cutting-edge Minecraft server that connects survival multiplayer with actual land ownership. Players may compete for financial rewards by growing potatoes, creating communities, and playing with friends in contests! In an infinite realm of adventure, explore and discover Etherlands, construct, create, and destroy others. Survive the night, build communities, and let your imagination run wild. Our special 3D renderings, available on our website, allow you to see your land from all four corners.

Why started

Etherlands was born out of our love for Minecraft. We know a lot about Minecraft because we’ve operated a few servers and played more hours than we’d like to confess.

How can join on Etherlands and what is supportive version of Etherlands

  • Minecraft Version 1.18.1 is required to play Etherlands.
  • When loading the launcher, go to the main menu and select 1.18.1 from the list of available versions of Minecraft.
  • Open the launcher, then pick Multiplayer from the menu by clicking the Play button.
  • Click the Add Server tab, type in the Server Address field, and then click Done.
  • To play on Etherlands, click the Join Server button after the connection is available and glows green.

Etherlands current location with IP

  • The server for the etherlands is currently located in the United States.
  • Etherlands’ server IP address is

Gaame modes

On the Etherlands Minecraft Server, you can play Economy, PvE, SMP, and Survival.


Etherlands is only a few days old. We’re working on a lot of new stuff and can’t wait to share it with you. While we don’t have a precise timeframe, we hope to launch an official mainnet product in the next 1–2 months, followed by the first land auction. In the meanwhile, we have a lot of work to do. We’re seeking for folks who can help us make Etherlands even better. If you’re familiar with web UI/UX, solidity, plugins, or Minecraft building, join Discord and message us. Contributions are accepted in USDC, land, or governance tokens”.

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