Playinabox server is the number one in Minecraft server network

Playinabox server is the number one in Minecraft server network

Due to the increasing rate of gamers day by day, Minecraft is also making progress in its servers. Every young gun has become an enthusiast of playing this game and started earning social media. But there comes a little difficulty in choosing the best Minecraft server for having fun. So, why are you getting worried? Select your favorite server and make your day happy if this article has been written for your ease. Here you will get the idea of which server you should play and why?

There are lots of components that will be helpful to you in finding the best Minecraft server. However, this website is highly recommended to you because it has made every task more manageable. You can scroll down to learn the methods of playing Minecraft, its IP address, and many more things. Playinabox is considered the best service because it gives the highest quality that you can enjoy anytime. Moreover, once you find all the required items of this server, you will enjoy and boom your stubborn time. Install it on your PC or Mac and play as much as you want on this server.


This server of Minecraft is ranking number one all over the network, and Minehut hosts it. Plus, they offer you fun with the best quality game. Now, let’s glance below to learn about additional features of the best Minecraft server, Playinabox.

IP server address:

The gamers love to spend lots of time playing the game Minecraft. They are keen on playing different servers but mostly prefer only the Playinabox server. So, if you find trouble while finding the IP address for this server, it is being given to all such users for their convenience to have good fun. And that server address is

Way to play step by step:

No, doubt, the gamers have become the pros in playing Minecraft. Therefore, the given process of playing the best Minecraft server is only for those who have just started playing this game, i.e., beginners. Let’s catch the method.

  1. Open the launcher first. Then, you will have to click on the “Play” button. Now, select “Multiplayer”
  2. Click on the tab “Add Server.” And input the IP address on the given box “Server Address.” Now, hit the button “Done.”
  3. Once you are connected with the server and get the green signal, you may click on the button “Join Server” to play on the Best Minecraft Server,playinabox.

The latest version of the server:

If you are not a pro player in playing Minecraft, you may spend your time with the older or lower version. Otherwise, the latest version of the server playinabox has been launched, 1.18.

Game modes on Playinabox:

You can play different game modes on this best Minecraft server, which some follow.

  • Towny.
  • Survival.
  • Parkour.
  • Creative.

Final prediction:

Minecraft has made much progress in games because of its best Minecraft server. Plus, it is not about looting or killing people, but you have an opportunity to show your skills in the games. You can play the mode of PvP where you are to stay in a specific area with opponents for your amusement.

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